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Presidents and Kings

Presidential campaigns have been called a lot of things, but few would argue with the elementary school student who said they "give us a great deal of happiness by their finally ending." Culled from social studies tests in schools around the U.S., the list of sage observations about politics currently circulating on the Net is often unintentionally hilarious. The difference between a King and a President? The King "is the son of his father, but the President is not." Even political analysts would agree with the student who wrote that it is possible to get the majority of the electoral votes without getting the majority of popular votes, and "Anyone who can ever understand how this works gets to be President." Ross Perot, take note: "One of the strictest rules is that all dark horses running for President must be people." As for the President's constitutional powers, "the President has the power to appoint and disappoint the members of his cabinet." And the rest of us too. But we keep hoping. -->