Walking On Broken Glass

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LOS ANGELES: Driving in Los Angeles has never been a mellow experience, but since September 11, motorists in the city have had something new to worry about. Someone is breaking windows on cars speeding along the city's freeways. Two attacks during this morning's rush hour brought the total number of shattered windows to 238. At least 27 were damaged in a flurry last Saturday night. Although no one has been hurt yet in the attacks, believed to be carried out by a gang armed with pellet guns or slingshots, officials are offering a $35,000 reward for information leading to arrests. A special task force has been formed but has yet to break the case. "People are wary," says TIME's Sylvester Monroe "Some are not taking the freeways to work anymore, but not too many are ready to give up the fast lanes, because the freeways are still jammed. The cops are insisting they are close to making arrests, but there is nothing to suggest that is true." Until the California Highway Patrol manages to catch the criminals, California drivers will have to be ready to duck at 70 mph. Janice Castro