The IRA Claims Monday's Bomb Attack

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BELFAST: In an announcement that could signal the end of peace talks, the Irish Republican Army admitted responsibility for the bombing of the British army's Thiepval headquarters in Lisburn that wounded 31. A telephone caller using a recognized codeword told the Dublin newsroom at RTE, Ireland's broadcasting network, that two 800-pound bombs had been detonated at the army complex in Lisburn, southwest of Belfast, on Monday night by IRA volunteers. "An IRA attack on Irish soil is a huge event," says TIME's John Stacks. "If the IRA has resumed direct assaults in Northern Ireland, the Protestants could resume them in the south, returning to the violence before the cease fire." The IRA statement said the target had been personnel connected with the barracks and said injuries to any civilians were regretted. It was the group's first bomb attack in the British-ruled province since mid-1994. -->