Another Royal Divorce?

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MONTE CARLO, Monaco: Monaco's Princess Stephanie wants a divorce. Weeks after explicit photographs were published of a tryst between husband Daniel Ducuret and Fili Houteman, the current Miss Nude Belgium, her lawyer told the newspaper Nice Matin that the princess was ready to move towards a separation. However, Thierry Lacoste noted that "in a case like this, where feelings can fluctuate, where the position of one day may not necessarily be that of the next." If they do go through with the split, it would not be the first for Monaco's royal family. Princess Caroline divorced French playboy Philippe Junot, although their marriage was annulled by the Vatican after she remarried. Ducuret's infidelity has tarnished the image of the Grimaldi dynasty as it prepares to celebrate 700 years of rule in 1997. Stephanie's father, Prince Ranier, is reportedly pushing his daughter to divorce her working-class husband. Some suggest that he might have been involved in publicizing the photos, adding an even more bizarre twist to the scandal. Terence Nelan buffer ends here AdSpace #exec cgi