Amnesty for the Kurds

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SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq: As the Iraqi-backed Kurdistan Democratic Party solidifies its control over northern Iraq, Saddam Hussein offered amnesty to all Kurds Tuesday, guaranteeing their safety and freedom of movement and trade. Reassured by the newsy, many of the estimated 300,000 refugees began returning to their homes and villages. But the safe haven established by the U.S.-led forces has collapsed, and Saddam Hussein now has control over people he effectively tried to eliminate in the past. Although many Kurds seem reassured by Saddam's offer, his record on that front is bleak. Earlier this year, Saddam offered amnesty to his sons-in-law who had defected to Jordan, only to have them killed upon their return to Iraq. Reports also surfaced Tuesday that the Iraqi regime is repairing missile sites destroyed by U.S. attacks last week despite clear warnings from the U.S. that it would retaliate. -->