Clinton To Unveil Jobs Program

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CHICAGO: President Clinton is expected to propose a $3.5 billion jobs program for welfare recipients in his acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention on Thursday night, even as the White House tries to dodge the controversy surrounding the resignation of his top political advisor, Dick Morris. Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala said the President's initiative would include $3 billion in grants to create jobs in high-poverty areas and $500 million in tax credits to businesses that hire people who have been on welfare for at least 18 months. The proposal is part of an effort by Clinton to allay the fears of many Democrats that the new welfare bill signed by Clinton will drive hundreds of thousands of children into poverty. The President also is expected to announce a $1.5 billion capital gains tax cut to home sellers. Clinton did get a good piece of economic news on Thursday from a report that the economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter and that new homes sales in July shot up to their highest level in five months. Before the news about Morris broke Thursday, the convention had gone as planned with Clinton gaining back much of his lead over GOP challenger Bob Dole. Most polls showed Clinton with a 12-to-15 point lead after he had slipped into single digits following the Republican convention. After leaving Chicago, Clinton and Vice President Al Gore will take a page from their 1992 playbook and take a campaign bus trip around the Midwest. -->