Policy Train

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KALAMAZOO, Michigan: If it's Wednesday, it must be environment day. President Clinton presented the third and final of his policy proposals as his train neared Chicago: a $1.9 billion environmental package that includes $1.3 billion for cleaning two-thirds of all Superfund sites by 2000. "I want an America in the 21st Century where no child has to live near a toxic waste dump," Clinton said to crowds gathered near the Kalamazoo river as he continued to press his theme that while Bob Dole represents a bridge to the past, a second Clinton administration would provide a bridge to the future. Like other proposals the president has offered in recent days, the environmental program came with a proposed way to pay for it. Clinton said the money would come from some $8.5 billion his administration intends to raise by repealing some corporate tax breaks and loopholes. Meanwhile, in Chicago, the Democrats are preparing to nominate Clinton. Vice President Al Gore will address the convention after the roll call of the states picks the Clinton-Gore ticket. -->