Building A Bridge To The Future

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Senior White House Aides told TIME Tuesday that despite the Dole camp's aggressive use of negative ads and campaign rhetoric, the Clinton team will not respond in kind. At this point, they don't think he needs to. In a preview of what the President will say when he accepts the nomination on Thursday night, a Clinton aide noted that "people want problems solved. But they don't want big new initiatives." Clinton will present his "think small" approach as a steady process of building growth and opportunity through such measures as tax breaks for homeowners and assistance for inner-city job creation. National Political Correspondent Michael Duffy reports: "Clinton's speech in Chicago is designed to be an ironic echo of Bob Dole's speech in San Diego, where he said that America needs to return to the values that made it great; by contrast, the President will argue that the Repulicans are looking backward and the Democrats are looking forward." Where Dole proposed to build a bridge to the past, Clinton will promise to build a bridge to the future. -->