Clinton Chugs toward Chicago

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WYANDOTTE, Michigan: "I'm taking this train so I can stop in towns like Wyandotte," President Clinton told cheering crowds where his train paused en route to his party's convention in Chicago. He's also taking the train to inject a little staged drama into a carefully plotted Democratic event. The back of the "21st Century Express" gives the President a forum to present three days of themes the Clinton campaign thinks will help define the November election. Monday the subject was crime, while on Wednesday Clinton will focus on the environment. Today's subject: Education. Clinton offered a $2.5 billion plan to fight illiteracy among children. The five year plan proposes $1.25 billion to hire reading specialists for after school tutoring and $1 billion to pay young people in the Americorps program. The President said he would pay for the program by selling portions of the radio spectrum. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton prepared to address the convention Tuesday evening along with former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, one-time presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson and keynote speaker moderate Indiana Governor Evan Bayh. Cuomo and Jackson will use their time to present make clear their opposition the President's new welfare bill. -->