Jewell Passes Lie Detector Test

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ATLANTA: Richard Jewell, the security guard under investigation for the bombing at Centennial Olympic Park, has passed a lie detector test but remains under FBI suspicion. The test was administered by Dick Rackleff, a former FBI agent now in private practice, who said in a press conference Tuesday that there was no doubt in his mind that Jewell had no knowledge about the bomb. "Jewell's attorneys are growing more and more smug and their rhetoric is getting stronger," says TIME's Greg Fulton. "The FBI continues to say that they are waiting for additional forensic results. But they have been saying that for the past week." Meanwhile, Jewell continues to be the object of media scrutiny and finds himself a virtual prisoner in his own house while his attorneys furiously file motions to get his property returned to him and to gain possession of FBI affidavits taken from people at the scene. For now, Jewell remains in limbo. "We just wish these jerks up there would get off their butts and tell the truth," G. Watson Bryant, Jewell's original attorney, told Fulton after the press conference as he pointed toward the local FBI offices. The truth, says Fulton, is that the FBI has proved unwilling to lift the spotlight off Jewell with no other suspects in hand. -->