Susan McDougal Sentenced

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LITTLE ROCK: A day after former Governor Jim Guy Tucker received a lighter-than-expected sentence because of his illness, U.S. District Judge George Howard had much less sympathy for Susan McDougal. Howard sentenced the former Clinton business partner to two years in jail for misusing a $300,000 loan obtained in the name of her Master Marketing advertising company from a lender backed by the Small Business Administration. "The judge was obviously more sympathetic to Tucker than to Susan McDougal, which seems a bit unusual," says TIME's Jef McAllister. "One would think that a sitting governor would act with more malice aforethought than Susan McDougal." McDougal was also ordered to repay the loan with interest and a $5,000 fine. After the sentence was handed down, she gave a tearful, two-minute speech asking the judge for mercy on grounds that she had merely been obeyingher husband, James McDougal. His sentencing hearing was postponed until November 18 after he agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors. -->