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The continuing avalanche of O.J. Simpson books by high-profile authors was thinned by one Friday when 'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss said he was abandoning his planned account of the trial. Given a front-row seat throughout the trial, McGinniss had planned to cover the story as the '13th juror' by avoiding other media coverage. But nearly a year after the event, McGinniss decided there wasn't a whole lot of there there. In a letter to his publisher explaining why he was ditching both the book and a $1.7 million advance, McGinniss said the trial "sapped my intellect, my physical strength and my confidence that I had made the right decision by agreeing to do the book in the first place. I could express the full extent of my indignation about this in a 600-word piece for the Op Ed page of the (New York) Times. It's not a book. There is no book. At least not one that I can write." Luckily for Simpson-watchers, not everyone feels the same. Still forthcoming are books by participants Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran, as well as Dominick Dunne and Jeffrey Toobin. -->