The Whitewater Bounce

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Athough James McDougal is hotly denying that he told Nightline he was President Bill Clinton's Brutus, he has not tried to refute reports that he is cooperating with the proscution in the Whitwater affair. McDougal's lawyer opposes his client's move, and wouldn't even visit prosecutor Kenneth Starr's office when McDougal began to cooperate about three weeks ago. McDougal cooperative streak is manifesting itself as his Monday sentencing approaches. His convictions could put him in jail for 84 years or make him $4.5 million poorer; on May 28th, McDougal was found guilty of 18 felonies in trying to arrange $3 million in fraudulent loans from two federally backed banks, including his own Arkansas savings and loan. Theres no finer gift than this to the Republican Party," says TIME's Janice Castro. "As he convention ends up, it has started serious talk among people here that Dole could actually win. If you see enough pictures of Clinton friends and associates in court, it brings the issue of character back to the campaign and starts raising questions once again about Clinton." -->