A Break in the Saudi Bombing?

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Although CNN and Associated Press reports that anywhere from three to six men have been arrested, taken into custody, interrogated and even confessed to the Dharahn bombing, the U. S. State Department is sounding a cautionary note. A state department spokesman said that although a handful of Saudis were in custody for questioning, the U.S. government was not prepared to say who they were, or even if they had been officially arrested. "There is no confirmation of anything yet," says TIME's Mark Thompson. "The Saudis have taken people into custody in this investigation before. We should not jump to conclusions until an actual arrest is made." If the Saudis do make arrests, adds Thompson, the U.S. can be sure it will take an active part in the questioning. Four terrorists convicted of a car bombing last November were executed before U.S. officials could talk to them. "The Saudis won't do that this time," says Thompson. "There is too much high level attention on this investigation." Scot Woods