Now For The Hard Part

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EAST MORCIHES, New York: Moving into its fourth week, the investigation of TWA Flight 800 is past the days of revelation and into the weeks and months of painstaking forensics. The Suffolk County medical examiner has closed the temporary morgue set up at a Coast Guard station immediately after the explosion; it has been two days since divers have recovered the bodies of any new victims, and searchers are no longer confident that they will find any more. The recovery of large pieces of the aircraft continues. Crews pulled a 75-foot section of the right wing from the ocean Wednesday, and investigators also plan to bring ashore the left wing and two intact engines which have been spotted on the ocean floor. The prevailing theory is that a bomb was placed in the forward cargo compartment, located below the first-class section. The Washington Post reported Thursday that investigators are also looking into the possibility that a fuel motor in the nearly empty center fuel tank sparked the explosion. -->