Yeltsin Balks On Campaign Promises

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MOSCOW: Just days before Boris Yeltsin's triumphant re- inauguration, his economics minister broke some unpleasant but not unexpected news: It may take longer than expected to deliver on all of those generous pledges promised during the campaign. Yevgeny Yasin, in an interview with the Russian Interfax news service, assured Russians that the government would deliver eventually. "A lot of economists and analysts are saying the only way Yeltsin's going to make good on his promises is to print more money," says TIME's Andrew Keith. That would cover the debt, but reintroduce the specter of inflation. Higher inflation would further jeopardize payments from the International Monetary Fund, which is already holding the latest installment of a $10 billion loan. That money is in limbo to spur Russia to improve its terrible tax-collection system, which has only recovered 63 percent of projected taxes this year. "People find all sorts of ways to avoid paying taxes, in part because the tax agency is understaffed and in part because of the corruption problem," notes Keith. -->