Jewell Said He'd Be A Hero

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ATLANTA: While protesting that Richard Jewell is only one of several possible suspects in the Olympics bombing, F.B.I. agents were sending evidence packages of nails, bits of tape, sweepings and other materials found in Jewell's Atlanta apartment and Piedmont, Ga. house to the FBI crime lab in Washington, questioning colleagues at his previous job and searching his former residence. Piedmont College officials were questioned after contacting the agency. Jewell, a former public safety officer on the campus, 80 miles northeast of Atlanta, allegedly told the college security chief upon quitting to take the job at the AT&T pavilion in Centennial Park that he would be a hero at the Olympic Games and that if "anything happens," he hoped to be at the center of the action. Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI Director Lewis Freeh defended the heated investigation of a suspect who has yet to be charged: "Nobody rushes to judgment on making accusations," he said. "We regret many times in these investigations that people's names surface as suspects who are later proven not to be connected." Meanwhile, Jewell has been staying inside the brick apartment complex on Buford Highway, surrounded by the media and law enforcement officials. -->