Lewis May Run Relay After All

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ATLANTA: The door has been opened for Carl Lewis to earn a spot on the U.S. 400 relay team and make his run at an unprecedented 10th career gold medal. Leroy Burrell, Lewis' close friend, Santa Monica Track Club teammate and a fellow Nike endorser, pulled out of the race because of acute Achilles tendinitis, according to a statement from the USOC. Lewis, who was not on the original list of six entrants submitted today by U.S. track officials, could take Burrell's place. "Our next step is to find someone to take his place," said U.S. coach Erv Hunt. "We do have some alternates. We will do what's best for the team and the country." After Lewis won his record-tying ninth gold medal Monday night in the long jump, he lobbied hard for a spot on the relay team. Earlier Thursday, he ended his campaign, but said he would take a spot if offered. "I understood all along that they did select their team," Lewis said on "CBS This Morning." "I've accepted all along that the team has been selected. Now is the time to support the team." The pressure had been building on Hunt since Monday to add the greatest track athlete of all-time to the relay team. But Hunt held firm, saying only an injury could open the door for Lewis. Now that injury has come and Hunt must make his decision. The relay team -->