The Sidewalk Slugger

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Pat Buchanan will not be a part of next month's Republican National Convention program at the San Diego Convention Center. Buchanan, like the rest of Dole's primary challengers, had been offered the opportunity to address delegates and the nation via video presentation, and to appear with Bob Dole in a show of unity after the Kansan receives the nomination. But after details of the agreement leaked to the media last weekend, Bay Buchanan, his campaign manager, released a statement decrying his shabby treatment and calling the offer "an affront to the millions who believe in Pat and the 3 million who voted for him." Buchanan had demanded a prime-time speaking spot, threatening to deliver his speech outside if he were not welcome inside. The convention will clearly be under Dole's control, and though the candidate has given ground on platform language to the most staunchly pro-life factions of the party, he has no intention of watching on as his thunder is taken by the runner-up. Buchanan's memorable 1992 convention address, in which he declared a cultural and religious war, both fired up the troops and turned off moderate voters, whom Dole needs. In contrast, the video format would lend itself to a more cerebral feel. Buchanan will hold a news conference Wednesday to express his discontent in person. where he clearly had solid support Jenifer Mattos