Whine Fu Yung

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BEIJING: Still fuming over a disputed U.S. home run which helped deprive the Chinese Olympic softball team of the gold medal on Tuesday, a state-run Chinese newspaper sternly recommended "thorough self criticism" for the United States. The paper blames the U.S. for Saturday's bombing attack, and attributes the low Chinese medal count to a litany of complaints, including what they claim to be small rooms and lousy food for the athletes, late buses, and even an errant fire alarm that rousted the Chinese swim team out of bed before dawn one day, interrupting an all important good night's sleep. "The U.S. got off easy," says TIME's Sally Donnelly. "On some things, such as organization, the Chinese are right, and have legitimate complaints. But the Chinese also expected to walk away from the games with a lot of medals, and they will not. So they are blaming the U.S." -->