Olympic Bombing Suspect Named

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ATLANTA: A man hailed as a hero for saving lives at the site of the Olympics Centennial Park blast may have planted the bomb. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported today in a special edition that Richard Jewell is an FBI suspect in the bombing. Jewell has basked in minor celebrity since the bombing, volunteering interviews to many news organizations. Talking to the Journal- Constitution on Monday, Jewell said, "I'm feeling bad about the victims that did occur. If I had one wish, it would be that all the people who were victims were not victims." He has not been arrested or charged with any crime, but the Bureau has confirmed that although Jewell is not a prime suspect, he is on their list. The FBI is currently checking the tape of the 911 call to see if Jewell's voice matches the recording of the "white male" who made the call, and is also looking at videotape taken in the park that night to see if Jewell can be spotted placing the bomb. While no evidence of Jewell's involvement has surfaced, there is some circumstantial evidence available. Jewell owned an olive drab backpack similar to the one seen containing the three pipe bombs, and apparently fits the FBI profile of the bomber. Says TIME's Elaine Shannon: "They don't have a whole lot of evidence on him yet, but it may come pretty quickly. Still, they're not breaking out the champagne yet." In 1984, a Los Angeles policeman planted a bomb on a bus and then played the hero when he 'discovered' his own device. "This does fit a profile," says Shannon. "There are people -->