Another Idea from the Rose Garden

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DENVER: Clinton, on a three-day fundraising swing through the West on Monday, pledged several measures that would put "deadbeat dads" on the legal hot seat. For one, he said he would eliminate a loophole that allows fathers who fail to pay child support to escape punishment just because they live in another state. He also announced a cooperative effort between states and the U.S. Postal Service to display "wanted" posters of delinquent parents alongside those of murderers and bank robbers. "No one should be able to escape the responsibility of bringing a child into this world," Clinton said. Coupled with a welfare bill, he added, his proposals could move 800,000 women and children off the welfare rolls. Congress, he reiterated, would have to send him a welfare bill to begin with. The President has already vetoed two GOP welfare bills because he thought the cuts were too deep. -- Lamia Abu-Haidar