Bibi Jeered by Egyptian Press

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CAIRO: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got the cold shoulder Thursday in his first visit to Egypt since his election. "No Welcome to You Netanyahu," read the opposition paper El-Ahali. "Unwanted, Insufferable guest," said "El-Dustour." Not the obvious greeting from the first Middle Eastern country to sign a peace agreement with Israel. Netanyahu met with President Hosni Mubarak and reiterated his commitment to peace with Syria but remained entrenched in his refusal to return the Golan Heights for peace. He continued to stress that there will be no peace agreements that do not ensure Israel's security. In response to the new prime minister's hardline policies, Egypt has forcefully led a campaign to slow normalization with Israel. The two leaders showed some discomfort in a press conference disgareement when Netanyahu said he appreciated Mubarak's support for an undivided Jerusalem. Mubarak quickly interrupted: "I did not say to have a wall separating the city. But I think that a formula can be arrived at." The status of Jerusalem is a contentious issue with Israelis claiming the city as their undivided capital and Palestinians wanting to claim East Jerusalem as theirs. With tensions still high between Israel and its neighbors, the Clinton administration will send special envoy Dennis Ross to the region next week in an effort to revive the flagging peace process. Josh Dubow