Buchanan Up In Arms, Again

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Pat Buchanan still won't call it quits. In an appearance on Larry King Live Wednesday night, the conservative Republican hinted that anti-abortion delegates would storm out of next month's GOP convention if Dole chose a pro-choice running mate. "My belief in life and the innocent unborn is even deeper than my love for the Republican party," said Buchanan, who has also threatened to give a speech outside the convention hall if he is not given a chance to address delegates inside. "If the delegates do walk out, they will be a large enough group to create a diversion that Dole doesn't need," says TIME's Jeffrey Birnbaum. "But Dole's campaign has decided that it's more important to portray Dole as having a more moderate image than it is to appease Buchanan and his supporters." Ironically, Buchanan has applauded Dole's choice of Rep. Susan Molinari, a supporter of abortion rights, as the keynote speaker at the San Diego convention. -->