The Final Terms

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LONDON: The Royal saga that engrossed the world and graced the covers of newsmagazines and tabloids has officially come to an end. After 3 1/2 years of separation, Prince Charles and Princess Diana announced Friday that they have agreed to a divorce. The split will be made final on August 28, with the Princess relinquishing her title of Her Royal Highness but keeping the title of Diana, Princess of Wales. As a result, she could be expected to curtsy to the Queen, her husband and her sons. Although no formal announcement of the settlement was made, Diana is expected to get a $15 million lump sum and a generous annual allowance. She will also keep her apartments at Kensington Palace. Prince Charles, when he ascends to the throne, will be the first divorced monarch since George I, who reigned between 1714 and 1727. He is, however, now free to marry longtime love interest Camilla Parker Bowles, who divorced her husband in March of 1995. --Lamia Abu-Haidar