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WASHINGTON, D.C.: It must have come to him in a dream. After saying Wednesday night that he would run for President if it were the will of his supporters, Ross Perot slept on it and announced 12 hours later -- on ABC's "Good Morning America" -- that "the American people want me to do this." Asked why he hasn't made a formal announcement of candidacy, Perot replied that he already has. That's news to the rest of the political world, which has long awaited a clear indication, one way or another, of Perot's intentions. For months, Perot said he merely wanted to create a new political party not beholden to special-interest groups. Saying he was looking for a "George Washington II" to lead that party, he would admonish: "This is not about me." But after former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm officially announced his own bid under Perot's Reform Party banner, Perot got off the dime. "If anyone should do this, I should do it," the Texas billionaire told CNN's Larry King on Wednesday. "I'm in a unique position to do it." Lamm has said he welcomes a challenge from Perot, figuring that he would be far more credible to voters if he survived this fight. -- Scot Woods