Former Dole Campaign Finance Chair Fined

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BOSTON: Just in time for a White House plagued with scandals, a mini-dustup appeared Wednesday around the Dole camp. After Simon Fireman, a former vice chairman of Bob Dole's presidential campaign finance committee, agreed to pay $1 million in fines for making illegal contributions to the Dole campaign, the Clinton campaign jumped on the opportunity to attach the words criminal and illegal to Dole. "He needs to give the details of his relationship with Mr. Fireman and what he knew about this illegal scheme," said campaign spokesman Joe Lockhart. Fireman acknowledged making illegal contributions to the Dole campaign, the 1992 Bush-Quayle campaign and to Democratic Representative Joseph Kennedy. The 70-year old businessman made the contributions through his employees and sales representatives who were then reimbursed in cash. His company, Aqua-Leisure, will pay a $5 million fine. While the Clinton campaign seeks to attach a whiff of scandal to Dole, the charges are not likely to stick. It was the Dole camp that called for an FEC investigation when it blew the whistle on Fireman a few months ago, forcing his resignation. -->