Lamm on the Run

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DENVER: It's official. After dropping hints for a month that he'd run for President, three-term Colorado Governor Richard Lamm announced his candidacy Tuesday under the Reform Party banner -- without the official blessing of you-know-who. Ross Perot, for whom the Party was widely expected to be a campaign vehicle, still seems to be reserving the right to run himself. If so, TIME Denver bureau chief Richard Woodbury reports, Lamm will not accept the vice presidency on a Perot ticket: "He will fight Perot to the end, even if the surveys mailed this week to Reform Party supporters reveal a strong backing of Perot." The biggest question now, of course, is whether the Texas billionaire, who spent millions of his own cash to get the Party up and running, can stand to have his bluff called. "Perot all along has said, 'This is not about me,'" says Woodbury. "This is the ultimate acid test, whether Perot -- with as big an ego as his -- can stand to have Lamm under the same tent."