Kaczynski Charged With Three More Bombings

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Federal authorities made a second round of charges against Ted Kaczynski Friday as the 54-year-old suspected Unabomber was indicted for three 1980s blasts in Michigan, Tennessee, and Utah. Kaczynski would face up to 120 years in prison if convicted, but the Justice Department says it will not prosecute until a verdict is reached on current charges of transporting, mailing and using explosives in four lethal attacks. Kaczynski has pleaded not guilty in a Sacramento court to the previous indictments, which alone could lead to the death penalty. It's likely that additional charges will come forward, most notably for the bomb that killed New Jersey marketing executive Thomas Mosser in December 1994. Among the new incidents is a 1987 Salt Lake City bombing in which the only known eye-witness sighting of the Unabomber led to the widely-distributed FBI sketch of a mustachioed man in a hooded sweatshirt with aviator-style sunglasses. -->