G-7 Leaders Blast U.S.

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LYON, France: One day after unanimously denouncing terrorism, G-7 leaders lashed out at the U.S. for threatening to punish foreign companies that trade with terrorist nations. It's a question of manners, said French President Jacques Chirac: "I don't think economic retaliation is most effective. Taking an entire population hostage is not elegant." At issue is the newly enacted Helms-Burton law, under which a foreign company could be sued in the U.S. for doing business with Cuba. TIME White House correspondent J.F.O. McAllister reports from Lyon that Clinton's hands are tied by election-year politics. "The other G-7 leaders know that if not for the election, he might be able to do something different," McAllister reports. "As it is, they are resigned to the fact that nothing will change until after November." -->