Unabomber Suspect Indicted

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SACRAMENTO, California: More than two months after Theodore Kaczynski was tracked down at his remote plywood shack in the Montana woods, he was finally charged Tuesday with four of the 16 bombings attributed to the Unabomber. After working for nearly 18 years to find the suspect, federal prosecutors have moved cautiously in shaping the criminal case against the Harvard-trained math professor. "It wouldn't be practical now to charge him with all of the bombings," notes San Francisco bureau chief David Jackson. "The trial would drag on for years. More important, the prosecutors cannot afford to screw this up by adding charges for which the evidence is weak." Kaczynski, who will be tried in Sacramento, California, will be moved there within the next two weeks. Two of the attacks for which he was indicted today targeted Sacramento residents; in the other two cases, the bombs were mailed in the California capital. The charges on which he has been held up to now -->