Whitewater Hearings End; No Bang

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WASHINGTON, D.C: The Senate Whitewater Committee ended its 14 months of hearings on Tuesday without calling President Clinton's chief accuser to testify. On a party-line vote, Republicans fell two votes shy of the two-thirds necessary to grant immunity to former Arkansas banker David Hale, who has invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege and refused to testify. Hale testified in the Whitewater-related trial which delivered convictions of Clinton's former business partners Jim and Susan McDougal and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker that Clinton pressured him to make an illegal $300,000 loan to Mrs. McDougal. Clinton denied that charge in his videotaped testimony at the trial. In its final report to be issued Monday, the panel will recommend perjury investigations into the testimony by two White House aides and a confidante of Hillary Clinton, sources told The Associated Press. The three reportedly are deputy White House chief of staff Harold Ickes, Margaret Williams, Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, and Clinton confidante Susan Thomases. -->