Israeli Patrol Ambushed

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JERUSALEM: Hizballah guerrillas ambushed an Israeli patrol in southern Lebanon early Monday morning, killing five Israeli soldiers and wounding six more. Two of the wounded Israeli soldiers are in serious condition after a 20-minute firefight, the deadliest attack in the area since a cease-fire agreement took effect in April. Hizballah, determined to drive Israeli forces from southern Lebanon, has released a statement claiming its "holy warriors" had attacked the patrol. "The situation in southern Lebanon is already inflamed," says TIME's Lisa Beyer. "This sort of attack is not unusual in a war of attrition. We can expect the usual small scale air raids and artillery bombardments from the Israeli forces in response to Hizballah. The last major escalation in this conflict was provoked by Hizballah rocket attacks on Israel proper. Since this attack was not as serious Israeli response is likely to be the usual tit for tat. The Israeli 'tit' is usually stronger than the Hizballah 'tat,' though." A Lebanese soldier was killed and a civilian injured when Israeli artillery carried out reprisals, shelling Shiite Muslim villages and foot paths which Israeli intelligence suspects Hizballah might use. -->