Clinton Again Called To The Stand

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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas: The Whitewater case continues to dog President Clinton, who has been subpoenaed for the second time to testify in a Whitewater-related trial. U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright on Tuesday ordered Clinton to testify by videotape in the trial of Arkansas bankers Herby Branscum Jr. and Robert Hill. Branscum and Hill are accused of conspiracy, misapplying bank funds,falsifying bank records, and lying about reporting transactions over $10,000. The indictment includes allegations that the two reimbursed themselves for political contributions they had made to, among other things, Clinton's 1990 Arkansas gubernatorial campaign. Branscum, a key Clinton moneyman, was named state highway commissioner by Clinton in 1991, and prosecutors will try to show a link between the contribution and the job. The President is tentatively scheduled to give videotaped testimony July 7th at the White House. -->