Goetz Ordered to Pay $43 million

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THE BRONX, N.Y.: A civil jury ordered famed 80's subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz to pay one of his victims $43 million for pain, suffering and punitive damages. Darrell Cabey, left paralyzed and brain damaged after being shot by Goetz in a Manhattan subway 12 years ago, will probably never see most of that money, as Goetz is practically penniless after paying for both his civil and criminal defense. Cabey was shot several times after he and three friends approached Goetz in the subway and asked him for five dollars. The men say they were simply panhandling, but Goetz testified that he feared he was about to be robbed. Jurors decided that Goetz was excessive and not reasonable in his response to the four young black men. Swirling beneath the decision were comments made by Goetz, an electronics expert, before and since the shootings. He told a community meeting in 1980 that he was concerned about "spics and niggers" in the area, and has said that he wanted to kill all four of the youths. The tactics of defense lawyer Darnay Hoffman were a notable failure -->