No Cease-Fire After UN Camp Shelled

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QANA, LEBANON: The Israeli army is moving tanks and troops toward the Lebanese border to head off a possible retaliation for an artillery attack which killed at least 105 refugees in South Lebanon. Israeli gunners, firing at Hizballah guerrillas, hit civilians who had taken refuge at a U.N. camp. Israeli Foreign Minister Ehud Barak called the attack an "unfortunate mistake," while King Hussein of Jordan and other Arab leaders deplored Israel's "malicious aggression" and "criminal military operations." Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres repeated his existing offer to stop military operations against Hizballah if the guerrillas would end their own attacks. President Clinton urgently called for a cease-fire on Friday, while the UN unanimously approved a motion calling for an end to the fighting. Both appeals went unheard as Hizballah fired Katyusha rockets into Northern Israel, and Israeli units continued shelling Lebanon. "The Hizballah ability to retaliate is extremely limited," says TIME's Lisa Beyer. "But they could pull something dramatic like a suicide bombing, or a kidnapping." Despite the shooting today, Beyer believes the cross border war will not last much longer. "The feeling in Israel now is that the war will end sooner rather than later. After this horrible, terrible mistake, Israel's reputation has been tarnished even further."