Cottage Industry

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LINCOLN, Montana: A list released today of the items found by the FBI in Theodore Kaczynski's cabin deepens the mystery of the reclusive man, but underscores the destructive bent of his hobby. Whether or not Kaczynski is the Unabomber, he packed a craftsman's workshop in his 10-by-12 foot plywood cabin in the Montana wilderness. In addition to the completed and partially-built bombs, the meticulous notes on bomb-making, and the explosive chemicals already reported, Kaczynski also possessed five firearms, one of which was hand-made. Also in the 32-page list were an extensive menu of hand tools, a jar of triggering devices and an "improvised detonator." Crammed into the tiny structure were more than 200 books, filed on two floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and three typewriters. The FBI's list also confirmed that they found various documents, including a list of corporate executives, though they were not named in the text. Prosecutors on Wednesday will present their evidence to a Grand Jury in Helena. "It will be interesting to see whether prosecutors just try for additional charges of possession of explosives, or they feel they have a strong enough case to try for indictments on one or two Unabom incidents," says TIME's Patrick Dawson. Charging Kaczynski could depend on whether prosecutors can place him at the various locations packages from the Unabomber have been mailed from over the past 18 years.