The Rodman Reroutes

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CHICAGO: Chicago commuters are facing up to forty minutes of added drive time between O'Hare Airport and downtown because of an unusual gawker's delay, reports TIME's Julie Grace. "Elston and Milwaukee Avenues have been dubbed 'Rodman reroutes' because of a giant billboard advertisement of Bulls player Dennis Rodman in a Bigsby & Kruthers business suit and tie which went up after Rodman was suspended for six games for head-butting a NBA referee. The suit is tailored to accentuate Rodman's tattoos in the most obvious way: the sleeves are cut off." Although all the attention is an advertiser's dream come true, it's also a commuter's nightmare. Bigsby & Kruthers CEO Gene Silverberg may yank the advertisement, but not before repainting Rodman's hair brilliant red to match the color he's chosen for his return to the Bulls Tuesday night.