First Lady Visits U.S. Peacekeepers

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TUZLA, BOSNIA: First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted U.S. troops on the front lines of the Bosnia peacekeeping mission in the first visit by a first lady to a potentially hostile area since Eleanor Roosevelt. Mrs. Clinton also met with members of the Federation Constitutional Court, where she was told about the death wrought by the civil war. "Sarajevo is the largest graveyard in the world," Katarina Mandic told the first lady. "On every corner we find dead bodies. Dead animals. We found blood and destruction everywhere." Mrs. Clinton is on an eight-day goodwill trip through Europe with her daughter Chelsea. The first lady delivered mail and gifts to the troops from their family members, whom she visited on Sunday. "We are very grateful for the sacrifice that every one of you have made," she told the families at the Ramstein Air Base in Baumholder, Germany. The offerings included a large-screen television, video recorder, and art equipment sent by family members, toys donated by U.S. corporations and six cases of M&M's from the White House.