War Crimes Tribunal Indicts 3 Muslims

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THE HAGUE: An international war crimes tribunal has for the first time indicted Bosnian Muslims as suspected war criminals. Beset by charges of bias against Serbs -- 46 of the 57 indicted so far have been Serbs -- the tribunal is now opening investigations into Bosnian Muslim war activities. "It is good that the tribunal has finally included Muslims," says TIME's Marguerite Michaels. "But the Hague court was never biased. They have been doing the best they can with what little resources and information they have." Zejnil Delalic, a former Bosnian government army officer, was indicted for allowing guards under his authority to murder, rape and torture prisoners at Celebeci camp in central Bosnia in 1992. Zdravko Mucic, a Croat and the commander of the Celebici camp, was indicted along with Hazim Delic, deputy commander at the camp, for murders allegedly committed by their subordinates. Also charged was Esad Landzo, a guard at Celebici camp, for murder. Michaels reports that the work of the tribunal is exceedingly difficult. "We are waging peace with those who have been waging war," she says. "We can't rock the boat too much. But the pressure is on to hand over war criminals."