Taiwan Deports Businessman

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TAIPEI: Taiwan has deported a Chinese-American accused of plotting to assassinate one of Taiwan's presidential candidates. Businessman Tom Young, who denies any role in an assassination plot, was deported and sent back to Los Angeles. Taiwan's government has stepped up security measures as tensions mount before the island holds elections Saturday. Officials have increased the number of bodyguards assigned to each candidate from 39 to 45 as a precautionary measure. Also Wednesday, the Clinton administration approved Taiwan's request to buy Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons. Taiwan's request to buy submarines was turned down. Taiwan's president says he wants to improve relations with Beijing. President Lee Teng-hui also broached the subject of an eventual reunification if China becomes democratic. "We have with goodwill extended both hands to our compatriots on the Chinese mainland," Lee said. "We would like in the future to have China unified, in freedom (and) democracy." China is conducting the war games in an effort to intimidate Taiwan before the election.