Suicide Bomber Attacks Israeli Soldiers in Southern Lebanon

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TYRE, LEBANON: A suicide bomber blew himself up today near an Israeli army convoy in Southern Lebanon, killing one soldier and wounding seven. Hizballah has claimed responsibility for the attack in the village of Taibeh, 2 1/2 miles from the Lebanese-Israeli border. The attack is the latest incident in the decade-long struggle between the Iranian-backed Hizbollah and Israeli forces occupying Southern Lebanon. Despite two UN resolutions calling for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops, Israel has occupied the area since 1985 in an attempt to stop guerrilla raids on settlements in northern Israel. The bombing came a day after warnings from Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres that guerrillas in Lebanon will pay for increasing assaults on Israeli troops. Shortly after the attack, Israeli troops opened fire on several Lebanese villages north of Israeli-held territory. ItŐs not yet known if there were any civilian casualties.