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MUSIC . . . I'M WITH STUPID: Aimee Mann may never sell millions of albums like today's heart-on-the-sleeve emoters Alanis Morrissette and Tori Amos, but it's an even better bet that none of them will ever write songs as captivating as the ones on her new solo album. "Lyrically, her acid tongue remains; musically, 'I'm with Stupid' rates as one of the most catchy and inviting pop albums of the year," says TIME's David Thigpen. "Mann's way with a tune is only getting better -- cuts such as 'Choice in the Matter' and the solo guitar piece 'You're with Stupid Now' are exquisitely poised, 3-min. masterpieces. Mann has the same skill that great tunesmiths like Paul McCartney and Neil Young have: the knack for composing songs that are simple, beautiful and instantly engaging."