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MUSIC . . . MERCURY FALLING: More than 20 years into his career as a pop artist, Sting has managed to stay relevant -- and popular -- by continuing to create gently innovative music that borrows from other sources so wisely and so well that the resulting sound is truly his own. His new album, 'Mercury Falling,' draws on country, gospel and even Celtic music to create smooth, genre-blending, articulate pop. "It is another bright entry into what has proved to be his brilliant career as a solo artist," says TIME's Christopher John Farley. "'Mercury Falling' stands out as his most consistently entertaining effort. The lyrics are smart but not self-consciously cerebral. These are songs that hit a little harder than the typical Top 40 tune: the clever 'I Hung My Head,' with its commanding horns and elevating keyboard work, tells the story of an accidental shooting, and could also be read as plea for gun control; 'I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying' is a countryish tune that clomps along like John Wayne's horse but is also a well-observed look at a divorced man dealing with the fact that he has lost custody of his kids."