Clinton to Send Aid to Israel

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JERUSALEM: Bolstered by Wednesday's multinational security conference, President Clinton today pledged more than $100 million to Israel to help combat terrorism. Clinton also promised stronger security ties with Israel as he met with Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres one day after 28 world leaders gathered in Egypt for an unprecedented summit against terrorism. Clinton acknowledged that stopping suicide bombers who have terrorized Israel since Feb. 25, is a near impossible task. "You couldn't do it before the meeting and we can't do it in six months time," Clinton said. "I wish I had it in my power to reach into the hearts of those young men who have bought some apocalyptic version of Islam and politics that together causes them to strap their bodies with bombs and blow themselves to smithereens and kill innocent children. I wish I could do that." Clinton did say there are ways to minimize risks. He said the United States would immediately begin providing Israel with additional anti-terrorism equipment and training, and join with Peres to develop "new anti-terrorism methods and technologies." Clinton's visit comes at a crucial time in the political futures of both Israel and the United States. Clinton is hoping his visit will give a boost to both his and Peres' reelection campaigns. Peres is running against opposition Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu in elections May 29. Clinton met with Netanyahu, yet insisted, "I will not interfere in domestic politics. Netanyahu said Clinton's visit is a boost for Israel, not Peres.