New Poll Shows Dole Gaining on Clinton

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TAMPA: Declaring himself the sure GOP nominee, Bob Dole is prodding Steve Forbes and Pat Buchanan to drop out of the race. "It would be a lot better if we were all together," Dole said Friday, suggesting that both candidates should bow to reality and support him. "I think it's pretty clear I'm going to get the nomination," Dole told reporters, before leaving Florida for an afternoon campaign stop in Tennessee with former rival Lamar Alexander. Rejecting Dole's suggestion, Pat Buchanan told Louisiana supporters that he would "walk on in this battle as long as it takes." Echoing Buchanan's sentiments, Forbes said he too was in for the duration. "The purpose of staying in is to go all the way," Forbes said at a Texas rally. Forbes' campaign managers are gearing up a new set of ads highlighting former Housing Secretary Jack Kemp's endorsement.