Colombia Hit With Sanctions

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WASHINGTON, D.C.: Concluding that Colombia's government had not fully cooperated with U.S. drug-interdiction efforts, President Clinton Friday hit the country with economic sanctions. Colombia is the ninth out of 31 countries identified as sources of drugs that the U.S. has labeled as not cooperating with the federal drug enforcers. U.S. officials said the decision will affect $50 million in U.S. government investment guarantees in Colombia and another $550 million in prospective guarantees. It also means the U.S. will vote against $1.3 billion in Colombian loan requests to the World Bank. About $30 million in anti-narcotics and humanitarian aid will not be affected. Some members of the administration had argued against the sanctions and said they would weaken an already shaky Colombian economy. But charges that Colombian President Ernesto Samper's government has been influenced by the Cali drug cartel led Clinton to decide for the sanctions.