Not 'Cojones', Cowardice

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NEW YORK CITY: The U. S. Tuesday released a damning transcript of Cuban radio traffic revealing a Cuban pilot's glee at 'taking out' an unarmed plane. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Madeline Albright said the transcripts "clearly showed" that the Cuban pilots knew they were shooting down civilian aircraft. Albright had called for a Security Council resolution condemning the shooting, but the 15-member council ultimately released a tamer statement saying it "strongly deplores" the attack, which left four Cuban-Americans dead. The Council also called for an investigation by the International Civil Aviation Organization, which could pave the way for sanctions, although some council diplomats said there was little support for punitive measures against Cuba. The Cuban Foreign Ministry continues its claim that the American planes were over Cuban waters and called the resolution a "miscarriage of justice."