The Arizona Vote

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TUSCON, ARIZONA: An increasingly confident Pat Buchanan continued his push for a win in Tuesday's Arizona primary. At stake for Buchanan is not only the 39 delegates in the state's winner-take-all event but also vitally needed momentum. "I'm beginning to think I'm going all the way," he said Monday. "A victory in Arizona I think would give us such propulsion it would be very, very difficult to stop us from winning the nomination." On the eve of the vote, most polls show Buchanan locked in a tight race with Bob Dole and Steve Forbes. Fresh off a somewhat surprising win in Saturday's Delaware primary, Forbes predicted he would make "an excellent showing" Tuesday, but back off from earlier predictions of a first place finish. Meanwhile, Dole and Lamar Alexander turned their sights to future primaries. All but conceding Arizona, Alexander began an intensive campaign in Georgia, where a primary will be held March 5. The former Tennessee governor hopes that his southern base will help him to a desperately-needed first-place primary finish. Dole also stumped in Georgia after reorganizing his struggling campaign. In a weekend shakeup, Dole demoted deputy campaign chairman Bill Lacy, while adding former 1992 Bush campaign pollster Fred Steeper to his staff.