Readying for Another Round

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WILSONVILLE, OREGON: Pat Buchanan continues his swing through Arizona before Tuesday's winner-take all primary. With all 39 delegates going to the winner, Arizona is the biggest prize for candidates so far, and Buchanan is working hard to claim it. "We want to win Arizona very badly, but it's a very tough state and we came in here far behind Steve Forbes and Bob Dole," Buchanan said Friday. With polls showing Dole holding on to a narrow lead over Buchanan and Forbes, Buchanan intensified his attempt to appeal to Arizona's conservative base by trying to push his case as the most anti-abortion GOP candidate. "The right to life is more important to me than the presidency of the United States" he told an Arizona Right to Life meeting. Meanwhile, Dole promised he will slightly temper his attacks on Buchanan. Aides to the Senator say Dole, in response to criticism from Ralph Reed and other religious conservative Republicans, will stop calling Buchanan an 'extremist.' Instead, Dole will take care to take on Buchanan in a more subtle way. Campaigning in Oregon, the Senator did not mention Buchanan's name, but instead attacked his ideas -- "extreme views about women, extreme views about maybe giving nuclear weapons to Japan or Taiwan or South Korea." Dole coyly said that no one should feel threatened by his criticism "unless they feel women are somehow inferior or that we ought to expand rather than contract the availability of nuclear weapons."